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Excel Concrete supplies standard concrete to industrial, commercial and residential projects across South East Queensland. Our standard concrete mixes feature high-quality aggregate materials and can be utilised in a range of applications including slabs, footing, paths/walkways, walls, pool surrounds and driveways.

Our concrete solutions are backed by our team’s on-site technical expertise and experience. Tight quality controls throughout the procurement, production and supply processes ensure the quality, strength and workability of our products once on site. Excel Concrete’s standard concrete mixtures are versatile, insulating, readily available, infinitely recyclable and affordable to install.

Our concretes are backed by our expertise and tight quality control which brings a guarantee of strength and workability. We provide standardised, premixed concrete that is specified by a standard strength, slump and maximum size aggregate of Normal (N) class N20, N25, N32, N40, N50 with standard slumps of 40-120mm.

Whether you’re interested in a concrete pathway or a whole slab for a commercial building, Excel Concrete has a range of standard concrete mixes ready to assist you with your project.

We also offer high-performance, decorative and special application concretes to cater to all your concrete needs.

South East QLD’s Concrete Experts

Excel concrete is a leading manufacturer of ready-mix concrete in Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland supplying a range of ECOPact, Geostone, Coloured Concrete and Standard Concrete mixes across residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

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