Decorative Concrete: Seamless Perfection for Pool Surrounds

If you have a swimming pool or have decided to get one, there’s little doubt it will be the focal point of your yard. The look of what’s around your pool, and how well that area functions as a seamless transition to the rest of your home, is as important as the pool itself. Good fencing can prevent you from being on visual display to neighbours when swimming when entertaining friends or just reading a paper while relaxing around the pool. Good fences make good neighbours. The right plant choices will add charm and interest around a swimming pool and help facilitate a sense of space and soften the harsh lines of fencing. Tall shrubby varieties can create a privacy screen along the fence line and conceal electrical pump units and unsightly views. It’s best to avoid species that shed foliage, bark and pine needles everywhere or flowering varieties that attract a lot of bees. With the right pool surrounds, unobtrusive, functional furniture and a well-planned garden layout, any suburban swimming pool area can be transformed into a beautifully presented entertainment oasis – a place where you, your family and friends will want to spend every minute of the day.

An ideal choice for your all-important pool surrounds is concrete. Today, decorative concrete production is versatile in design and composition; leaps and bounds ahead of the 50 shades of grey of yesteryear. It can be shaped into stylish curves or the regimental straight lines of premium tile work. The top layer of the concrete may have a brushed-through, or a stamped pattern effect, or can be even further honed to give decorative concrete for your pool surrounds the appeal of a premium polished floor. It is relatively cheap and requires low maintenance.

Exposed aggregate is simply ideal for pool surrounds. Removal of the top cover delivers an attractive skid-resistant surface that gives a glimpse of the natural stones underneath. There’s a vast range of colours and different compositions of crushed granite, earthy mixes of pebbles and sands – all to complement the sparkling blue water and style of your poolside landscape.

The Concrete Network Australia website for homeowners, contractors, builders and designers provides updates and professional tutorials on the latest concrete techniques and applications. The popular web service assesses that concrete excels when compared to other pool surround materials; it’s a comparably low cost material, is easy to maintain, has good thermal properties, slip-resistant and offers a multitude of customisation options.[2] Decorative concrete is a proven and popular choice when it comes to pool deck design and pool surround makeovers.


Concrete presents great value for pool projects that take up a big chunk of the homeowner’s real estate. Pavers and bricks can be expensive due to the labour hours needed to position and cement the individual pieces. A concrete pour is generally far more economical and any desired colour, straight edges, tile shapes and tints can be created with stamping or inking finishes. Decorative concrete is an affordable solution for pool renovators on a budget.


Lots of other paving materials are tough and long-lasting but most will require considerably more maintenance than decorative concrete. Joints between pavers may need to be weeded and re-grouted, long lengths of timber may warp, bricks and pavers that shift out of place due to heavy traffic and weathering will require replacing or repositioning. A well-sealed and maintained concrete is relatively free of these problems and simply needs the occasional scrub and rinse and a possible periodic resealing to keep it as clean and fresh as the day it was installed.


Surfaces of darkly toned bricks and tiles can become sizzling hot under a blaring son and unforgiving on bare feet. Decorative concrete can have finishes that significantly lower surface temperature.


Pool surrounds are often high-traffic wet areas and with all the fun and fast activity bound to be happening there, slip-resistance is crucial. Many pool materials can become slippery when wet, especially tiles. The numerous grades of coarseness, grip and ruggedness of the textured overlay of decorative concrete means you can create fine-looking pool floors with slip and skid resistance.


Stamped, stencilled, saw-cut, engraved and even toned concrete underlays with exposed pebbles… there is an almost limitless array of design options with decorative concrete. It gives you the ability to customise your pool decking designs – you decide the shape, size, colour and textured surface, and you’ll never have to compromise on walking comfort. With decorative concrete, you can mix, match and experiment to your heart’s desire. You can even use decorative concrete to mimic the aesthetic features of other decking materials so that your pool surrounds have the appearance of having been made with tile or brick.

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